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"If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you've launched too late." - Reid Hoffman (co-founder of LinkedIn)

We help prioritize

We help you to create roadmap and prioritize features included in first version

Track progress

We deploy to our CD/CI infrastructure and you can see changes immediately

Get your product

We will plan the release, and help organize both the access to and support of your product

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Work Together, Build Together.

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Growth is everything

We believe in long term relationships. Your growth and success is everything to us.

What we do

Services we provide


We are doing competitive analysis and making surveys for your potential customers to create user personas and validate assumptions.


We are helping to organize structure and priority of the features that needed for your MVP.


We are working with you to build wireframes of your future MVP.


Our designers are converting wireframes into nice looking designs and building emotional link for your future users.

Development and testing

Our development team is creating your MVP.


We are preparing demo and presenting it to you.

Alpha and beta testing

We are organizing alpha and beta testing to get a feedback and make some of the .


Planning your release and deploying only 100% working product right in time.


We will provide documentation and video sessions if needed for your operations and support teams.


We will create onboarding tours and lower down churn rates.

Experimenting and tracking metrics

We will help tracking only metrics which is matters for your business.

Roadmap planning

Based on metrics we can build high level roadmap you can use for your long term strategy.

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Transparent pricing

Terms & Conditions

  • You are paying only for development hours.
  • Contract will be with fixed amount.
  • Our team are doing accurate estimations and timeline with each project.
  • Technology stack for backend is Python, Django or Flask.
  • Technology stack for frontend is Angular.
  • Technology stack for mobile is Ionic.
  • You can upgrade any time or just add needed people to team.
  • You can host your product on our server infrastructure up to 3 month after release or contract finish.
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Excellent, 5 out of 5 based on 100+ contracts.

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